“Light It Up, written by ELA and Matt Parmenter, is everything you want it to be. It pops, pulses, and flashes with raw musical electricity and packs a tight punch connecting from your first listen. Ela is setting Austin on fire for a reason!”

"The music of Ela is cross over appeal mixed with familiar country charm. Armed with bold lyrics that speak to the inner dream child in all of us... Ela’s ability to weave a story through song is her distinct talent. Quitting her creative job in San Francisco to pursue her full time dream of being a singer/songwriter in Austin, Texas. Ela is now known as a dynamic power player in the Austin scene and a performing powerhouse on stage. Never looking back, Ella is set to continue her take over with original music coming this spring 2019.

Ela - Ella Reid is the most identifiable singer and songwriter you will hear this year. Reid puts down music that can’t be easily compared to anyone working today. Her latest release, Big Girl Pants, is a perfect introduction to Ela’s world and unique musical vision. She easily blends pop melodies with country sounds, storytelling and the drive and glamour of rock and roll, giving fans songs they just can’t stop singing.

Her writing is more hook-and-melody heavy that rings of ever-evolving country and her lyrical vibe tends to be more positive and upbeat than most of her peers. These qualities make songs like “Suck It Up, Buttercup” and “Light it Up”instantly memorable!

She has won the coveted first place prize from the NSAI at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival in Orange Beach, Alabama and has 2 songs currently licensed for commercial use!